EFI Live Autocal V3 EGR/DPF Delete Tuner Dodge RAM Cummins 6.7 - 2010 - 2018

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EFI Live Autocal V3 EGR/DPF Delete Tuner Dodge RAM Cummins 6.7 - 2010 - 2018

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EFI Live Autocal V3 with custom tuning

With 512MB storage for tune and log files, capacity of 600 VIN Licenses, and file transfer times up to 10 times faster than AutoCal V2, AutoCal V3 delivers significant hardware advancements to the tuning market.

AutoCal V3's built in USB drivers, field upgradeable firmware, and the custom menu system makes supporting remote customers a breeze.

Supporting GM, Dodge Cummins and Cummins Heavy Duty protocols on the one device, a future update for AutoCal V3 will enable license transfers between FlashScan and AutoCal V3 devices where the device license numbers match. AutoCal V3 can be used by tuners with FlashScan V3 (not yet available), FlashScan V2 or FlashScan HD.

AutoCal V3 User Guide is now available to assist both tuners and end users. The AutoCal V3 label template is also available for tuners who wish to rebrand AutoCal. 


2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, RAM 2500, 3500 6.7L Cummins Diesel.


DPF, DEF, Cat, and EGR systems are removed on all custom tunes.  This is for off-road use only.  


  • Improved fuel economy

  • Improved performance

  • Custom tunes tailored tune files for your specific vehicle and modifications

  • Read and clear DTC codes

  • High speed data logging

  • Display data while logging

  • Read & program calibration and operating system data of engine controller

  • Read/Flash AutoCal⇄Connected Vehicle between 30 seconds and 7 mins (vehicle dependent)

  • Automatic saving of trace files


* For agricultural and race use only 

**Be sure all information entered is exact, any misinformation given can result in delays. This is a custom-tailored product and cannot be returned.  Full detailed installation instructions are included, if you are not capable of installation please book your truck in with a local diesel shop to have them install it, we do not offer any tech support regarding installation and flashing.**


Ask a Question
  • Does this come with a SOTF 5 switch? To change tune and I have CEL for doing my delete this will clear correct before I buy

    Yes it does come with the 5 position shift On the fly knob.

    It should clear up your CEL, if there is codes due to certain systems being removed present .

  • So if I remove the DPF and block the egr. This tuner is ready to plug and use. No need to send off my ECM

    Yes, that is correct.

  • with this. remove def,egr pdf from dodge ram 2500 6.7 cumins 2013

    Yes, this will electronically bypass the EGR/DPF systems in the vehicle. It is compatible with 2010 - 2018 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L.

  • does this tuner come with tunes for my specific truck, or do I need to buy tunes for my agricultural truck? where do I put in the truck info?

    This tuner will come programmed with x1 custom delete tune for your specific vehicle.
    Once an order is placed, we will reach out via email or phone to collect the required information.

  • How many tunes comes for a specific vehicle? Is there also a transmission tune?

    This will come with x1 custom delete tune for your vehicle. There is no specific transmission tune.

  • I have a 2014 Ram 3500 with Cummins 6.7. Can I delete my EGR without removing things?

    Hey there,

    With the efi live you sould be able to delete that no problem with the tuner its self but i always recommend getting and egr kit and a race exhaust so you know forsure you wont run into any problems at all,

    Thank you,

Customer Reviews

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Cummins Full delete

Best tuner on the market. Getting 20mpg with 35's! Easy to install. Egr kit was easy to install. I would suggest that you make the threads on the switch a little longer so a guy can use two lock nuts and a washer and be able to install the switch in the cigarette lighter hole. But I'm still totally satisfied with the product and service. Thanks.

Good things come to those who wait

The job turned out great and didn't have any problems installing it. Got a really good deal on it too, but the only bad thing is I had to pay for import charges from ups since it was from Canada. it took almost 3 weeks to get here. My customer was getting antsy.. But all is well ends well. the truck now gets 21 miles to the gallon and is running better than ever thank you guys!

Easy to use

Super easy to use, comes with everything you need to plug and play. My good old Cummins is running prime now, she’s happy!

Graham Colmer
Amazing resultes

Worked awesome on my 2011 RAM 2500 and super fast shipping.